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The smartest way to receive data about your customer service 

QRki - Codes with purpose, as a service
Our Story

Most surveys follow up with the client anywhere between 2 to 7 days.  We wanted a way for there to be immediate feedback.

Our Vision

Each manager and owner can receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports of each employee.  The reports will detail the service rating of their employees.


Using QR Code technology readily
available in most Apple and Android
devices, QRki is the best solution to
attain and maintain excellent
customer service.

Who are we

How it works


The client scans a QR code that is specific to each employee.  They can leave a rating of how their service was.


The immediate feedback can help to detect trends, not only with the employees, but with different locations as well.

How it works
Beautiful & Unique 3D Codes
Digital Business Cards
Surveys & Forms
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Request Information

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Houston, Texas

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